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12 Tips to Maximize Reimbursement from Dental Claims

by Dr. Travis Campbell

Discover ways to navigate your dental insurance challenges more effectively. This article contains 12 actionable solutions to streamline office operations, enhance the satisfaction of your patients while also boosting the profitability of your practice.

Strategies for Growth and Sustainability with Drs. Nate Jeal and BT Nguyen

Gain invaluable insights into conversion, communicating with patients, and refining practice management strategies for unparalleled success. Learn more about, which offers exclusive access to monthly webinars, expert-led courses, and invaluable resources tailored to elevate your practice's conversion rates and overall performance.

Teeing Up Success: Dr. Drew Ferris's Orthodontic Journey

Dive into the world of orthodontics with Dr. Drew Ferris, a trailblazer in clear aligners and cutting-edge practices. From his journey from college golfer to renowned orthodontist, to insights on the future of AI and 3D printing in dentistry, get a glimpse into the evolving landscape of orthodontics.

Dental Website Functionality: What to Keep in Mind (and a few ways to save)

This article unravels some of the critical elements that traditionally impact the cost of building a dental website. Now, I must clarify that this isn't an exhaustive list, but consider it a trusty resource when you're navigating the complex world of dental practice website needs and budgets.

From Haiti to Hope: A Dentist's Journey of Resilience

In this impactful podcast interview, Dr. Emmanuelle Zennie shares her inspiring journey as a dentist in Haiti. Trained in the United States, she returned to Haiti to serve her community, facing challenges like earthquakes and limited resources.

Differentiating Between DLP & SLA 3D Printers For Dental Offices

There are two main types of printers available in the market: DLP and SLA printers. Both printers meet very high standards when it comes to precision. So, what's the difference between the two?

Dr. Amanda Seay Launches

by The New Dentist

We take great pride in championing our contributing authors, and we're excited to share that Dr. Amanda Seay has recently introduced an innovative online education program named Seay Within. This platform provides access to on-demand composite and photography courses, insightful tips, technique videos, and much more.podcast, or peruse the recap below to discover the latest endeavors of Dr. Seay.

BOTOX® in Dentistry: Innovations and Insights with Dr. Lisa Germain

Dive into the world of dental aesthetics with Drs. Lisa Germain and Reza Ardalan on the Dental Slang Podcast. Whether you're a seasoned dental professional or a curious listener, this episode promises valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cosmetic injectables.

Top 10 Ways to Control Overhead and Improve Profitability

by Dr. Travis Campbell

With the current economic market, it has never been more imperative to assess our business practices and find ways to counter the rising costs of overhead expenses as well as stagnant insurance fees.

Products of the Year 2023

The spirit of innovation lives not only in the people who engineer excellence but, more importantly, in what they create. Here are 10 examples of new, forward-thinking products that improve the lives of clinicians and patients.

Dental Slang Podcast: Your Backstage Pass to Dental Experts

“With the Dental Slang podcast, you’re getting access to some of the greatest people in our profession for free. And they’re all open to sharing their knowledge in a relaxed conversation that listeners can learn so much from.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Managed IT Support

For dental teams, patient care takes top priority each day. That doesn’t leave much time for anything that isn’t mission critical. It’s easy to fall behind on regular server maintenance, software updates, data backups and security checks that are essential to keeping your patient data protected and your practice productive.

Is Private Practice Dying?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

I often hear a lot of discussion within the dental community and read various online opinions suggesting that private practice dental offices are dying. The prevailing notion is that only corporation and DSOs will dominate the industry in the future.

6 Ways to Fight Inflation by Boosting Revenue

While dentistry may not be as recession-proof as it once was, it's still extremely well positioned to weather economic downturns. Today's uncertainty is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn't mean you should simply ride it out and hope for the best.

2023 Dental Insurance Code Updates

by Dr. Travis Campbell

Brought to you by the Dental Insurance Guy, check out the latest code updates. There are some exciting changes: Membranes have been a challenge for many offices and insurance companies. The new membrane codes will help clarify coverage challenges between periodontal and surgical procedures.

How to Get More for your Money in 2023

by Dr. Louis Berman

I bet when you’re shopping for a TV or laptop, you go to multiple websites to see who can give you the best price, right? Are you doing that when purchasing supplies?

How to Handle an Appeal in 3 Steps

by Dr. Travis Campbell

Let’s face it, insurance claims get denied. When it happens, it’s important to understand what recourse you have. In most cases, you have the right to appeal the claim and still receive reimbursement for the service.

25 Ways to Staff Up in a Down Economy

The Great Resignation has morphed into what CNBC is calling "the big quit," With nearly 70% of Gen Z and millennials planning to leave their jobs in 2023. Dental practices of all sizes and types experience the squeeze more than most other businesses.

Office Design: First Impressions Matter

by Kristie Ceruti and Sucharita Ray

Building or renovating a dental practice during uncertain financial times doesn't have to be stressful. Investing in first impressions is a smart way to guarantee ROI—and peace of mind.

Video Discussion: Fight Rising Costs and Remain Profitable During Inflation

by Drs. Lou Berman & Travis Campbell

Rising supply costs, out of control inflation, increasing wage demands, decreasing insurance reimbursements and overall challenges when it comes to overhead control.

Why Do We Deal with Insurance?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

According to an ADA study from 2015, the number one reason cited by far from patients (59%) on why they do not go to the dentist is cost.

General Is the New Special

by Dr. Joe McEnhill

GPs don’t just focus on one area; they bring it all together to provide patients with holistic care.

Adding New Services: A Tale of Two Practices

by Dr. Michael Grossman

A side-by-side comparison of what it takes to add orthodontics and implants to a practice, and the different benefits these disciplines offer.

Insurance Discount Plans: Good, Bad or Ugly?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

The mere mention of dental insurance discount plans tends to elicit an immediate frown of dislike from many dentists. The sentiment which quickly comes to mind is “Why are we giving these patients a discount if insurance isn’t paying for anything?”

GPs & Specialists: Strengthen Your Relationship

by Dr. Travis Campbell

The relationship between a specialist and GP can be amazingly positive or incredibly tense depending on how it is managed and the communication between parties. Communication is a two-way street, and both sides can and do fail.

Out of Alignment: Why Dentist-led Care is Essential to Successful Aligner Treatment

by Dr. Michael Grossman

What happens when a big dental company that services practicing dentists purchases a company that directly competes with those same medical professionals?

Practical Intelligence: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Dentistry for the Better

by Dr. Parag Kachalia

Dr. Parag Kachalia, DDS, doesn’t think artificial intelligence (AI) will decimate the dental industry—in fact, he sees this emerging technology as a major benefit to the field—and one that may enable more humanistic interaction in the long run.

The Top 10 Failures of Multi-Practice Ownership

by The New Dentist

The drive to grow a business without performing some due diligence first can be a major failing, especially in the dental world.

I Didn’t Go to Dental School to be on Instagram

by Dr. Brian Baliwas

Social media can be a powerful tool, and you don’t have to be an “influencer” to benefit.

Achieve Post-Pandemic Cost Savings with These 6 Tips

by Dr. Travis Campbell

Focusing on key business areas and making a few adjustments will result in a more profitable practice.

Berman Instruments: A New Era in Dental Instruments

by Dr. Louis H. Berman

Why would an endodontist want to start a dental instrument company?

Think Inside the Box: Why Accessible Instruction Materials Matter

by The New Dentist

Dr. Brian Baliwas, DDS, knows that there’s a time and a place to play by your own rules—and dentistry isn’t it.

Why Today’s Tele-Dentistry Model Doesn’t Work

by Dr. Brian Harris

Virtual consults should be used to offer transparency and to build connections with patients, especially now.

Seattle Study Club Announces New Appointments

by The New Dentist

Drs. Amanda Seay, Parag Kachalia and Wael Garine are the newest members of SSC’s leadership team.

3 Reasons You Should Be a Sedation Dentist

by Dr. Christian Yaste

Offering sedation dentistry is not only rewarding, it opens up opportunities for practice growth.

The Sculptor of Your Career

by Dr. Devin Hall

Whatever your inspiration for pursuing dentistry as your career, you find yourself here, in the midst of the professional life you have crafted from your own desires.

Want to Grow Your Practice with Social Media? Start with Your Why

by Dr. Brian Baliwas

Many dentists focus on how many followers they have, but that’s not the key to success with social media. Stop worrying about the numbers and start focusing on more meaningful interactions with your audience.

How the company’s development of CelGro™ is changing guided bone regeneration.

by The New Dentist

Orthocell has a clear commercialization strategy in place to drive adoption of CelGro™ as the first choice in barrier membranes, backed up by a quality product that delivers on its promise—a bio-inductive membrane for bone and soft tissue regeneration.

Zimmer Biomet Announces Plans to Spin Off Dental and Spine Businesses

by The New Dentist

Together, the businesses will form NewCo, an independent publicly traded company.

A closer look at the Top DSOs: Your DSO fact sheet.

by The New Dentist

Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) represent the fastest growing segment in dentistry, making them an important part of the industry—and we think you should know who the leading players are.

What the Science of Influence and Persuasion Says about Google Reviews

by Dr. Christopher Phelps

Use these tricks to get patients to write more positive reviews—boosting your marketing efforts and growing your practice.

5 Game-Changing Strategies for Practice Growth

by Dr. Tony Feck

Learn how to win at the game of dentistry. Your professional life can be likened to playing a game. In fact, many professionals intentionally use the game analogy in their approach to their businesses.

Is Lack of Technology Killing Your New Patient Numbers?

by Dr. Christopher Phelps

Lost opportunities are hurting your new patient numbers but implementing the right technologies can help you get more of these patients on the chair.

Demystifying Comprehensive Orthodontics for the GP

by Dr. Michael Grossman

To offer clarity on how the addition of comprehensive orthodontics could affect your practice, I’ve detailed what I would consider to be the five main obstacles and advantages this decision offers for your consideration.

How I grew my Instagram to more than 18,000 followers and changed the direction of my practice

by Dr. Slaine McGrath

Reality stars and an employee well-versed in social media helped this doctor get over her fears and grow her practice with social media.

Ghosted? No-show Proof Your Office with 5 Easy Changes

by Dr. Christopher Phelps

No-shows lead to chaos and hurt your bottom line. You can significantly reduce them with these tips.

Burnout in Dentistry: Real or Fiction?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

Do you ever find yourself coming home exhausted, both mentally and physically? Have you ever wished it was Friday, only to realize that you only just finished Monday? Do you have multiple days where you are anxious or just don’t want to go back to the office?

DENTSPLY Sirona: Byte a WAMGR Play, We Like Deal on First Pass

by Jeff D. Johnson, O.D., CFA

DENTSPLY Sirona (XRAY) announced today it has acquired Byte, a leading direct-to-consumer clear aligner company, for $1.04B (all-cash deal). With this deal, management expects its clear aligner business (Byte+SureSmile) to exceed a $300M run-rate by end of 2021…

How Can Dental Offices Absorb the Cost Increase of PPE?

by Dr. Travis Campbell | Republished

There are a variety of ways to manage high-priced PPE without impacting your bottom line.

How to Avoid Costly Bad Hires

by Dr. Christopher Phelps

Use cognitive, conative and affective traits to find the perfect candidate for your practice.

How a “Sink or Swim” Mentality Changed the Direction of My Career

by Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis

“Looking back, I am grateful for the sink or swim experience that was my first job. It made me tough; it made me brave, and it showed me the world of oral surgery.”

Matching Your Equipment Budget to Your Practice Phase

by John W. McPeek, President, ASI Dental

These dentists not only realized later this advice was not financially beneficial, but found it was actually detrimental—and, in some cases, held their practices back. They often say they wouldn’t take this advice if they could do it all over. As a new dentist, you shouldn’t take this advice either.

Do you know Lou?

by The New Dentist

Dr. Lou Berman is shaking up the dental instrument market, offering dentists high - quality products for a fraction of what other companies charge.