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Video Discussion: Fight Rising Costs and Remain Profitable During Inflation

Published on: Feb 16, 2023
By: Drs. Lou Berman & Travis Campbell
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Drs. Lou Berman and Travis Campbell address rising supply costs, out of control inflation, increasing wage demands, decreasing insurance reimbursements and overall challenges when it comes to overhead control.

  • Increase Insurance Reimbursements and Improve Revenue Collection

  • Revamp Your In-house Cost Control System(s)

  • How to Respond to Rising Wage Demands and Analyze Staffing Requirements and Payroll

  • More Ways to Save on Supplies and Equipment Expenses

Watch now:

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Dental Insurance Guy

Too many of us struggle with getting payment from insurance companies. You are not alone. Transform your insurance claims process from an overhead cost into an income generator for your dental practice.

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