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Implementing New Protocols Into Your Practice

Drs. Amanda Seay and Gary Imm share what they’ve done to prepare their offices to reopen.

One Dentist Reflects on How COVID-19 Has Changed Him and His Practice

Dr. Taite Anderson, a well-respected oral surgeon from Granger, Indiana, tell us what he and his team are going through in this post COVID-19 environment.
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We want to hear your “back to work” plan

The winner will be chosen by Dr. Leslie Fang, a world-renowned physician, educator and businessman who has presented to more than 15,000 dental professionals on how to prepare their offices for a post COVID-19 environment.
Business, COVID-19

How Can Dental Offices Absorb the Cost Increase of PPE?

There are a variety of ways to manage high-priced PPE without impacting your bottom line.

Core3dcentres® Launches Open Health® to Help Address the Shortage of PPE in Canada and the United States.

With four locations in the United States and Canada, Open Health® is providing medical-grade PPE and COVID-19 testing swabs to healthcare professionals.

I Didn’t Go to Dental School to be on Instagram

Social media can be a powerful tool, and you don’t have to be an “influencer” to benefit.
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10 Inspiring Website Designs

These robust, engaging websites will inspire you to make updates that will attract more patients and grow your practice.

Dr. Michael Cohen, Founder and President, Seattle Study Club (SSC)

SSC gives dentists the opportunity to gather in small groups to collaborate with and learn from each other—and Dr. Cohen has found ways to keep members connected even during the coronavirus pandemic.

The War on COVID-19 Has Put Endodontists on the Front Line

By providing emergency dental treatment, we have the power to keep patients away from our overcrowded emergency rooms.

Weekly Dental Survey – Settling in, Looking for Post-COVID Changes

On April 9, we fielded our fifth consecutive weekly survey to the same group of U.S. dentists, with results from 92 of those dentists including

Group Practices in the Age of COVID-19

Selling your practice to a DSO isn’t the answer. Instead, it’s time to work with other small practices to scale and ultimately survive this crisis.

Medical Technology Weekly Dental Survey – Inching Towards a (Deep) Bottom

We surveyed 137 dentists last Thursday afternoon/Friday morning regarding recent domestic dental demand trends


Practical recommendations for the dental professional

Why Today’s Teledentistry Model Doesn’t Work

Virtual consults should be used to offer transparency and to build connections with patients, especially now.
Business, Covid-19

Dental Survey: Dental Stress Tests & Covenant Checks

On March 19th, R.W. Baird surveyed 91 of the 137 dentists who responded to their first survey

Help Parents Talk to Their Children About Staying Healthy and Slowing the Spread of Coronavirus

Dr. Lisa Germain offers tips just for children in this short video.

Extreme Hobby: Dr. Nick Fahey Catches His Shark—On a Fly Rod

Dr. Fahey wins an epic battle with a nearly 200-pound shark.

Vertical Root Fractures: The Diagnostic Dilemma and Hidden Menace

Why it’s so important to find root fractures before endodontic treatment, and how to do it.

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The CareCredit credit card can help patients accept recommended care. CareCredit is a Synchrony solution, the largest provider of private label credit cards in the U.S....

Dr. Amanda Seay

She was tired of traveling to different study clubs and groups all the time, especially when some of the dentists attending her talks were only there for the free lunch. It just wasn’t rewarding, and it was eating into time she could be spending...

If the Boot Fits

When Dr. David Little walks into a room to begin a lecture, his students can’t help but take a look at his feet. That’s because they want to see what custom-made boots he’s wearing this time, whether it’s the pair with his practice logo, the...