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Implant Dentistry: A Solution for Working Dental Moms?

by The New Dentist

As a woman in dentistry, I've witnessed strides in representation, yet the challenges of career breaks for motherhood persist. Does implant dentistry offer fulfillment and furthers gender equality? Join me in exploring these issues and contribute to our survey!

Exploring the Frontiers of Pediatric Dental Sleep Medicine

by The New Dentist

Discover how dental professionals play a crucial role in identifying and treating sleep disorders in children. Learn to recognize early signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing, explore diagnostic techniques, and uncover therapeutic interventions.

Let's Talk About Mock-Ups

by The New Dentist

In Dr. Amanda Seay's practice, mock-ups play a significant role, serving two distinct purposes. First, they are instrumental in showcasing possibilities to our patients and promoting dentistry. Second, they are essential for evaluating shade, layering, and overall treatment outcomes after a patient has accepted the proposed plan.

Does Tooth Wear Matter?

We often think of tooth wear as a natural part of aging; teeth flattened by attrition, incisors shortening with age and teeth developing wear facets. Isn’t it just a function of time and circumstance in the mouth?

Enhance Your Treatment Predictability with Dr. William Nudera

by Dr. William J. Nudera DDS, MS

Conventional endodontic education often oversimplifies the process, boiling it down three steps: shaping, cleaning, and sealing the root canal system. This broad approach doesn't account for the complex subtleties that are vital for mastering the art of endodontics.

Understanding Balance and Harmony in Smile Design

by Dr. Elaine Halley

A smile is beautiful when it is seen in the context of expression within an individual’s face. As dentists, we often focus on the tooth-by-tooth detail, but sometimes, it pays to take a step back and consider the entire expression.

Step Inside Dr. Nudera's Office

by Dr. William J. Nudera DDS, MS

See how the root canal technique is systematically executed in Dr. Nudera's office. Watch as he interacts with patients and understand the rationale behind every decision.

A Different Approach to Orthodontics

by The New Dentist

See the bigger picture: Dr. David Sarver teaches dentists to go beyond just looking at problems with the teeth and to instead look at the dentofacial complex. This means considering how changing the smile might alter the face and what other treatment, such as rhinoplasty, patients might need to truly get the results they’re after.

Low-Tech, High-Skill Treatment in a Digital World

by The New Dentist

With the addition of technology comes expense. New technology may look wonderful and is great for the advancement of our profession, but it isn’t always practical for patients’ budgets. We have to consider other treatment avenues that still deliver the same desired results.

Think Like an Endodontist and “ReThink” Your Approach to Endodontics

by Dr. William J. Nudera DDS, MS

I have thought about this from every angle imaginable— why?— so you don’t have to.

What Is the Real Cost of Implant Failure?

by Dr. Robert Martino, DDS

Everyone has had a procedure in their office that has failed. Some things are minor like a chipped resin or a crown popping off, but a failed implant is a catastrophe.

The Importance of Light Reflection in Smile Design

by Dr. Elaine Halley

Systematically analyzing smiles using smile design principles as a guide will help dentists recognize what can be changed to influence visual perception, leading to a better outcome for patients.

The Rubber Dam Equation—Why Cutting Corners Just Won’t Cut It

by The New Dentist

Using the right kind of clamp during a dental procedure can mean the difference between an expert result and a patient returning to the chair, dissatisfied—or worse yet, in pain.

Is Dentistry’s Holy Trinity Enough?

by Dr. Robert Martino, DDS

“If you brush, floss and come see us twice a year everything is going to be alright” is a dental sin. You may be a non-believer, but statistics prove me right. 47.2% of all adults have some form of periodontal disease.

Prints Charming: How Emerging Technology Is Changing the Patient Experience

by The New Dentist

While the equipment used in modern dentistry has always required dentists to have some degree of tech-savviness, the increasing prevalence of 3D-printed dentures is creating a sea change in the industry.

Advancing Adhesives

by Dr. Jonathan Bell

A look at where adhesives are today, and the progress being made toward suture-less surgery.

NOACs: New Drugs You Cannot Afford Not to Master

by Dr. Leslie S.T. Fang, MD PhD

Doctors are starting to prescribe these drugs for anticoagulation instead of Coumadin. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Transsinus implants: A minimally invasive procedure for the atrophic maxilla

by Dr. Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS, FICD, Dr. Livio Lo Faro, DDS and Dr. Matteo Invernizzi, DDS

How to incorporate this three-step procedure into your practice.

Vertical Root Fractures: The Diagnostic Dilemma and Hidden Menace

by Dr. Louis H. Berman, DDS, FACD, Endodontist

Why it’s so important to find root fractures before endodontic treatment.

Placing implants? Here’s What You Need to Know About Soft Tissue

by Dr. Pamela Ray

Dentistry has an obligation to advance the science of dental implants in armentarium, diagnosis and surgical technique. The future is bright for our patients as long as we, as the therapists, respect the biologic basics of the system we’re treating.

Integrated Treatment Planning for Smile Design

by Dr. Elaine Halley

Ultimately, treatment planning is a series of decisions, and therefore a series of choices.

Better Estimates, Better Results: Part 1

by Dr. William J. Nudera DDS, MS

Using digital radiography to estimate pre-operative root lengths can help clinicians better evaluate endodontic cases.

Better Estimates, Better Results: Part 2

by Dr. William J. Nudera DDS, MS

The ability to leverage these images for the purposes of length and depth estimates can significantly improve predictability in the early phases of endodontic treatment.

Emergency Preparedness: Do you have a plan in place?

by Dr. Leslie S.T. Fang, MD PhD

While there are fancy drug kits you can purchase; it is important to understand that six drugs alone can bail you out of 95% of all medical emergencies.

The Importance of Assessing Facial Esthetics: An Insight for Dentists

by Dr. Benji Dhillon, MD

Three key rules to consider for whole face beautification and optimal long-term results.

DIY Dentistry: How It Can Actually Benefit Your Practice

by Dr. Alexandra Holst

As dental professionals, it is our responsibility to guide our patients through this maze of promises, social media postings, and subtle, but aggressive, marketing psychology.

Orthodontics or Ortho-Restorative Dentistry?

by Dr. Tif Qureshi

Why GPs should provide patients with minor orthodontic treatment in the anterior region.

Adjust Your Style: A New Perspective on Treatment Planning

by Dr. Paresh Shah

Understanding generational differences will lead to better communication with your patients and increased case acceptance.

What Do You Know About The Dahl Principle?

by Dr. Tif Qureshi

This minimally invasive treatment isn’t used often, but it can be a great affordable option for patients experiencing wear.

The Second Wave: Should Dental Offices Close Again?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

Why it’s safe to continue treating patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: What Dentists Need to Know

by Leslie S.T. Fang, MD PhD

Practical recommendations for the dental professional.

Fighting A STAR WAR: The SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Aerosol Response

by Jamie Menhall, Tracey Wong Menhall and Dr. Leslie S.T. Fang, MD PhD

How ultra-low volume fogging of hypochlorous acid addresses the vexing issue of aerosols in dentistry.

Your Cold Fogging Questions Answered

by Dr. Lisa Germain

The benefits of cold fogging and how to implement it into your practice.

The war on Covid-19 has put endodontics on the front line.

by Dr. William J. Nudera DDS, MS

By providing emergency dental treatment, we have the power to keep patients away from our overcrowded emergency rooms. But if we choose to offer this service, we have to be smart.