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Why Do Some People Have to Be Difficult?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

I don’t know about you, but as a dentist, I catch myself focusing on the negative. It is a common human trait, but I believe our education enhances this tendency. Dentists are used to fixing problems, so we are trained to seek out the problems.

Is Dentistry Still a Profession Worth Pursuing?

by Dr. Travis Campbell

This question continues to echo behind the scenes. Given all the challenges, emotions and perceptions, what can we hold on to that ensures us our chosen profession still offers a viable, rewarding and lucrative path for the future?

Competitive Kayaking with Dr. Istvan Urban

by The New Dentist

Dr. Urban’s love of nature and adventure have kept him kayaking since he was 11 years old.

Tailor-Made: How Pastelli Turned Dental Clothing into High Fashion

by The New Dentist

For Gianna Pamich, president of Italian dental clothing company Pastelli, creating elegant, comfortable, and functional dental clothing isn’t just another job—it’s in her blood.

H20 Vertical or Horizontal with Dr. Taite Anderson

by The New Dentist

Frozen or liquid. Fresh or salt. Warm or cold. Dr. Taite Anderson’s favorite hobby is water.

For The Love Of The Game: Dr. Jeff Gray, Espire Dental, San Diego

by The New Dentist

Dr. Gray has had an amazing career that’s included forming a foundation that’s raised millions for children’s charities and partnering with one of his musical heroes, Garth Brooks, on another—and it all ties back to his love for baseball.

Motorbiking with Dr. Céline Higton

by The New Dentist

Dr. Higton loves the thrill of the ride and describes how this somewhat dangerous hobby compares to dentistry.

All in the Family

by The New Dentist

Dentistry is a family tradition for these doctors.

Kiteboarding with Dr. Frank Repanich

by The New Dentist

Dr. Frank Repanich isn’t afraid of a challenge, whether he’s dealing with a patient with a complex dental history or hitting the open ocean on his kiteboard.

If the Boot Fits

by Renee Knight

“I’m proud of the family tradition. I really am. So I like showing them off and of course, when people see a dental theme on the boots, that’s a great conversation starter.”

Powerlifting with Dr. David Sultanov

by The New Dentist

When you think of powerlifters, does your dentist typically come to mind? If you’re a patient of Dr. David Sultanov, the answer might just be “yes.”

Will Santa’s Toothache Ruin Christmas?

by Dr. Lisa Germain

A must-read book! Every dental office should have one. Writing, illustrating and publishing are now among Dr. Lisa Germain’s many hobbies, leading to a Christmas-themed book that spotlights the power of dentistry.

The Love Of The Hunt with Angi Phillips

by Angi Phillips

Hunting isn’t just about the adrenaline rush; it’s also about the time spent with family and the memories made.

Diving With the Sharks and More with Prof. Massimo Simion

by The New Dentist

Prof. Massimo Simion’s passion for nature and photography has taken him all over the world, even putting him in some dangerous situations.

Dr. Elaine Halley on Running Marathons…From the Back

by Dr. Elaine Halley

Completing 12 marathons in 12 cities, at her own slower pace, has taught this clinician to just keep going.

Dr. Nick Fahey Catches His Shark—On a Fly Rod

by The New Dentist

Dr. Fahey wins an epic battle with a nearly 200-pound shark.

Bee-havior in the Dental Practice

by Dr. Lance Knight

What bees can surprisingly teach us about communication.

Dr. AnnMarie Olson Shares Her Joy for Music with the World

by The New Dentist

Scotland, Spain and Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and recently in the Baltic states.

Color Outside the Lines with Dr. Lisa Germain

by The New Dentist

“My art is where I go to live my life completely on my own terms.”

Work Hard, Stay Bumble with Dr. Lance Knight

by The New Dentist

Life in dentistry can be stressful, making it important for you to find ways to enjoy your time even more during off hours. To inspire you to do just that, Dr. Lance Knight from Manchester, UK shares his unique hobby with T.N.D.

Focusing on Mom: How to Comfort Fearful Parents

by Dr. Reza Ardalan

How pediatric dentists can put parents at ease while also learning from their concerns.

The Need for Speed with Dr. Filippo Caliceti

by The New Dentist

How driving race cars helps one dentist relax.

Skydiving with Dr. Leandro Velasco

by The New Dentist

Dr. Velasco tells us why he loves skydiving and how it helps him relax.

One Dentist Reflects on How COVID Has Changed His Practice

by Dr. Taite Anderson

Day by day: Dr. Taite Anderson shares his thoughts and how the pandemic has changed his practice