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A closer look at the Top DSOs: Your DSO fact sheet.

 By: The New Dentist
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In no particular order, here are the top 9 DSOs making moves in the dental industry:

Heartland Dental

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: More than 900

Brands: Individualized

Locations: Heartland supports practices in 37 states.

A philanthropic spirit: Heartland dentists have plenty of opportunities to give back, whether it’s through mission trips or programs such as Free Dentistry Days™ and My Free Smile™.

The support you need: Heartland’s Patient Support Center, which receives overflow calls when dentists can’t make it to the phone, has booked more than 30,000 additional appointments for Heartland supported offices.


Aspen Dental/Aspen Dental Management

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: More than 720

Brands: Aspen

Locations: Aspen has practices in 38 states. Aspen Dental Management, Inc., or ADMI, handles the support services for Aspen practices.

Working with Walgreens: Aspen recently partnered to bring dental care to two Walgreens stores in Florida—marking the first time in-store dental services will be available to Walgreens customers. Aspen Dental at Walgreens will offer a full range of dental services, including Invisalign, implants and an on-site denture lab.

Continued growth: A new Aspen branded dental practice opens every five days. Every office has a patient-centric culture and opportunities for dentists to give back to their communities.


Pacific Dental Services (PDS)

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: PDS has more than 700 supported offices, with plans to add about 80 supported offices every year.

Brands: Individualized

Locations: Pacific Dental has locations in 20 states.

Dentists who want to give back: As part of the goal to become The Greatest Dental Company in America, PDS offers dentists the opportunity to give back locally, nationally and internationally through programs such as the We Serve initiatives, the PDS Foundation and other charitable partnerships.

What you’ll make: The average full-time PDS-supported associate dentist earns $160,000 the first year, with that increasing to $220,000 by year five. The average income for owner dentists who have been open for at least two years is $390,000.


Smile Brands

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: More than 425

Brands: There are 50 affiliated brands, including Bright Now!® Dental, Monarch Dental®, Castle Dental®, A+ Dental Care, OneSmile Dental, Johnson Family Dental, P3 Dental Group, and DecisionOne Dental Partners

Locations: Smile Brands has offices in 17 states.

You’ll love working here: Smile Brands has been recognized on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list twice, and is the second highest ranked health care provider in the U.S.

Inspiring news: The company’s Smiles for Everyone Foundation recently launched Implanting Inspiration, a program that will provide free dental implants for low income, underinsured individuals across the country. Smile Brands Inc., Implant Direct and DDS Lab formed a partnership to make this possible.


Western Dental

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: Almost 320

Brands: Western Dental & Orthodontics, Brident Dental & Orthodontics, Access Dental, Blue Hills Dental, South Texas Dental and Vital Smiles

Locations: Western Dental has locations in five states.

All the services your patients need in one place: Western Dental offices provide patients with a complete “Dental Home,” where practitioners provide comprehensive services that include general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, periodontics and endodontics.

Patients like comprehensive care: Western Dental dentists serve about 3 million patients every year.


Dental Care Alliance (DCA)

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: More than 300

Brands: Multiple, including Advanced Dental Care, College Park Dental and Gentle Dental

Locations: Dental Care Alliance has practices in 20 states.

You don’t have to change a thing: Practices affiliated with DCA get all the benefits a DSO provides but are able to maintain their own identities. DCA offices operate under various names and practice models.

A long history: DCA was founded by dentists for dentists more than 25 years ago with a goal of creating long-lasting patient relationships.


Great Expressions Dental Centers

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: 300

Brands: Great Expressions

Locations: Great Expressions has offices in 10 states.

Community outreach: The DSO founded Dental Deputies in 2014 to support victims of domestic violence through partnerships with local schools to collect dental hygiene items to donate to domestic violence shelters. Great Expressions also donates to a variety of charitable organizations including the Ronald McDonald House and The Make a Wish Foundation. 

Getting recognition: The Michigan-based DSO was recognized as a 2018 Best of MichBusiness For-Profit for Non-Profit organization. MichBusiness is a leading business advocacy group in Michigan.


Affordable Dentures & Implants

Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: More than 240

Locations: Affordable Dentures has offices in 39 states.

Brands: Affordable Dentures & Implants

For dentists who want to place implants and dentures: This DSO is the country's largest denture and implant service provider. Affiliated practices have on-site dental labs and offer same-day denture services.

Learn implants and help others: Affordable Dentures & Implants provides week-long live implant trainings several times a year. The patients treated in the program are unable to afford dental care, and include the homeless, military veterans and domestic violence victims. Affiliates have provided $9 million in pro bono dental services since 2014.



Number of affiliated/supported practices/offices: Nearly 200

Brands: Gentle Dental, Dedicated Dental, Capitol Dental, Smile Keepers and Blue Oak

Locations: InterDent has offices in eight states.

A focus on learning: InterDent offers clinicians internal CE as well as an allowance to attend outside CE opportunities.

Getting patients in the chair: InterDent coordinates more than one million patient visits annually. Most practices offer specialty services and same-day dentistry.


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