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Best CE: Seattle Study Club, Kirkland, WA

Published on: Jun 2, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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For 26 years, Seattle Study Club’s singular objective has been to serve as the preeminent vehicle for change that helps improve the clinical analysis, techniques, and methods dentists deploy in practice every day. Dr. Michael Cohen set out to change the way dental professionals collaborate within the dental community by developing a study club network that, as he calls it, is a “university without walls.”

Seattle Study Club’s goal is to help dentists understand the big picture through extensive treatment planning and hands-on experiences. The collaborative learning experience the club provides gives dentists access to local and domestic experts in all clinical, didactic, and academic fields of dentistry.

Seattle Study Club has built a curriculum that combines the benefits of peer-based learning with lectures from highly qualified clinicians and accomplished academicians who are among the most recognized in our profession. This interdisciplinary approach involves an unprecedented level of interaction and camaraderie. And perhaps more importantly, the transformation sticks—new approaches settle in, standards are raised, and dentistry gets a little revolutionary.

Comprising more than 260 clubs and 6,000+ members worldwide, Seattle Study Club affiliates meet eight to 10 times per year in their local communities. Study club curricula are custom-designed for the needs of every club; no two clubs have the same educational content. Through these local gatherings and customized programs, members gain the support and camaraderie of other clinicians in their area.

Members also are part of a much larger, global community of like-minded clinicians. Every year they gather for the Seattle Study Club Symposium, where by day they attend high-level scientific sessions led by some of the most prominent clinical and nonclinical speakers in the world, and by night they enjoy world-class entertainment and engage in lively festivities—all set in the most beautiful locales in the United States. Symposium is the cornerstone of the Seattle Study Club global community because it is where lifelong friendships are made, and relationships cemented.


To find a club in your area, or to start a club, visit

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