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Best Looking Dental Office: Nevins Dental Center

Published on: Jun 14, 2023
 By: The New Dentist
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The team at Nevins Dental Center is committed to exceeding expectations for the quality of the dentistry and the patient experience. Great effort was made throughout the design of the new office to develop a unique setting for patients and staff.

The space at Nevins Dental Center is the perfect combination of function and comfort. The layout optimizes patient flow and promotes efficiency, while the décor creates an inviting, calming, environment for patients.

Dr. Marc Nevins and his team moved into this new office after 15 years at a different Boston location. Since the multidisciplinary practice opened in January, patients have compared it to posh hotels and well-known museums. They initially loved the high-end, modern look and feel, and after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they began to really appreciate the functionality and privacy the eight-room operatory practice affords.  

“If you were here in April, you were the only patient in the office,” Dr. Nevins said, “but if you’ve been here since July, you’ve felt like you were the only patient in the office.”

The décor

The practice’s interior design was inspired by celestial rhythms, tones, shapes and textures, giving the space a welcoming, soothing feel. Subtle colors, patterns and materials were carefully chosen to create a harmonious flow throughout the office.

“Combining a seamless innovative design with detailed precision was paramount in orchestrating maximum efficiency, offering ease-of-movement for all from room to room,” John Stefanon of John Stefanon Design said. “Our goal was to provide a new, innovative perspective of what dental offices should be: an encouraging environment for rehabilitation.”

The details in the design work are what makes all the difference. Throughout the office, more than 20 beautiful pieces of artwork decorate the walls, and unique lighting effects enhance the visual experience even further. These extra touches make the practice memorable and elevate the patient experience.  


While esthetics were top of mind during the design process, functionality was just as important. The space had to be easy to navigate while also enhancing efficiencies. 

“There are functionality elements in every step of the design,” Dr. Nevins said. “There wasn’t a square inch wasted in the entire place.”

For example, the cone beam scanner is located in the front of the office, as are the two hygiene operatories, so patients seen in those areas only access 15 percent of the space from the time they enter the practice until they check out at the front desk. New patient consults and exams happen in the same room, with a comfortable sitting area for spouses to participate in the appointment, a unique touch that makes first-time visits more private and personal.

Built-in lab benches in restorative rooms and beautiful, extendable cabinetry designed to replace mobile carts are among other unique elements that add functionality to the practice. Equipment placed with ergonomics in mind is another benefit of the practice’s well-thought-out design.

A new vision

The vision for the new practice included sound control, an important element, and creating a warm yet functional space that makes patients feel at ease. The design certainly delivers on all those fronts, wowing patients every time they walk through the door.

“I wanted to have all the modern functionalities in an environment that made patients feel very comfortable and relaxed,” he said. “It has a nice gentle privacy to it, and that has worked out great during these COVID times.”

About the practice: The premier team of dental specialists at Nevins Dental Center offer a variety of treatments with a focus on esthetic and implant dentistry. Specialists include Periodontist Dr. Marc Nevins, Prosthodontist Dr. Julie Mitchell, Orthodontist Dr. Kirsi Savusalo, Endodontist Dr. Zena Al-Adeeb and Oral Surgeon Dr. Jonathan Stephens. The practice is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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