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Surviving and Thriving After COVID Shutdowns

by Dr. Travis Campbell

How emergency patients can help you grow your practice during these challenging times.

What if I don’t want to go back?

by Dr. AnnMarie Olson

Making the decision to go back to practicing dentistry after the COVID-19 closures.

Marketing in Post COVID-19

by Dr. Christopher Phelps

Understanding risk will get your patients back in the chair and your practice back on track.

Monthly Dental Survey: Volumes Return to Pre-COVID Levels

by Jeff D. Johnson

“Bottom line: with patient volumes continuing to improve sequentially and mix/acuity holding in well, we believe there remains room for upside surprises and positive estimate revisions across our entire list of covered dental names over at least the next few quarters.”

The Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel

by Dr. Robin Bethell

The last six months have made many dentists feel afraid, doubtful and overwhelmed. Many will fail or even give up, but for those dreaming of group practice ownership, there may be opportunities in the near future.

2020 Vision: The Silver Lining

by Dr. Travis Campbell

If we shift our focus, perhaps we can reveal the ‘silver lining’ that often comes during times of great upheaval. Let’s talk about what good news has emerged this year.

Dirt Therapy

by Dr. AnnMarie Olson

After such a booming return to business, and a goal breaking June and July, our fall schedule looks like the dry patches in my garden beds.

Group Practice in the Age of COVID - 19

by Dr. Robin Bethell

Selling your practice to a DSO isn’t the answer. Instead, it’s time to work with other small practices to scale and ultimately survive this crisis.

Core3dcentres® Launches Open Health® to Help Address the Shortage of PPE in Canada and the United States.

by The New Dentist

With four locations in the United States and Canada, Open Health® is providing medical-grade PPE and COVID-19 testing swabs to healthcare professionals.