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Surviving and Thriving After COVID Shutdowns

 By: Dr. Travis Campbell
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This has been an interesting and different year, to say the least, and it’s been difficult for me to hear the outcry of frustration and fear from my colleagues. While some dentists have bounced back from the COVID-19 shutdown, many are looking at closing or selling their practices. Our office had its share of frustrations from the shutdown as well, but, thankfully, we have been able to weather the storm. We are even bringing in another dentist to help.

I want to share the No. 1 tactic that has kept us alive and thriving this year. It’s a tactic borrowed from prior experience, and it also can help new offices gain traction and grow quickly. That tactic is treating more emergencies.

Embracing Emergency Patients

I have talked about this topic for years. We love emergency patients, but I frequently hear about the concerns other offices have with them. A fair number of offices dismiss emergency patients if they don’t schedule comprehensive exams and treatment. Specific problems cited range from scheduling issues, to timing, to efficiency, to not hitting goals, as well as a general feeling that they might not be “good” patients.

Let’s talk about why we love emergency patients in my office and how embracing them is an effective strategy for practice growth, now more than ever.

It Shows Compassion

Most of us chose to work in dentistry to help people. There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone alleviate a physically painful situation.

You Have Room in Your Schedule

Emergency appointments usually require a minimal amount of time. These patients will happily wait if they know you’re “fitting them in.” Being able to get them in today means more to them than having to wait 30 minutes when they arrive. We schedule emergency patients for 1 hour on an overflow column, so it does not detract from our normal schedule.

The Financial Benefits

Emergency patients are more likely to have their wallet open saying “take this, and fix me now, please.” Most emergency treatment is on the high dollar, low overhead spectrum. This includes extractions, root canals and crowns. And treatment doesn’t require your higher overhead hygienist. 

You’ll Earn Their Loyalty

Emergency patients are often very loyal. This may sound odd because many of these patients only come in once every two to three years. However, if you ask them who “their dentist” is, you most often will get an extraordinarily strong “DR. X!” When you help patients in their time of need, it creates a wealth of loyalty. They may only see you every few years, but they will ONLY see YOU.

You’ll Attract New Patients, Especially If You’re Marketing

This year alone, dozens of new patients have returned for additional treatment because I saw them when their “dentist for years” could or would not get them in for an urgent situation. Our marketing helps attract these patients. Often, dentists are less likely to advertise for emergency care, which means marketing costs are lower and more effective for those who do.

In times of a recession, patients often turn down high-end treatment and put off preventative care. This leads to a higher volume of emergency needs, which can last for months or years after a recession (or shutdown). We are already seeing far more SRP, extract/graft, and root canal treatments than ever.  This is likely to continue. 

The one consistent philosophy we’ve had in our office since we built the practice, and which we highlight on almost all our marketing pieces, is this: 

“Call by noon, be seen today.”

We may or may not be able to actually complete a treatment same day (about 75% of the time we do), but we can always do something small and quick to help the patient feel better in less than 20 minutes (antibiotics, extraction, remove a tooth nerve, or adjust a sharp edge). 

Addressing A Common Concern

The main concern offices talk about, the elephant in the room, is the reality that emergency patients often do not have a lot of money set aside for dentistry. Therefore, we always provide multiple options for financial arrangements.

Now, we are also smart about this; we do not extend non-guaranteed money to new patients. But there are plenty of ways patients can finance their treatment and ensure the office gets paid regardless, including third-party up-front financing like CareCredit, or over time guaranteed financing such as Varidi. You could even have patients begin layaway payments and schedule their dental work once they have enough saved.

Worst case scenario is you find a few patients who literally have zero funds, and you agree to complete a few charity extractions. The personal and team benefits from helping patients during a time of critical need can be highly rewarding and heart-warming. For me, this is the best reminder of why I got into dentistry in the first place!

A Win/Win

If you are feeling any pinch from 2020 and would like to both help your community and grow your practice, I highly suggest you start implementing ways to capture and treat more patients in urgent need of dentistry.

Dr. Travis Campbell has been a practicing dentist since 2009, after graduating from Baylor University in Waco, Texas and then Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. He is an author, trainer, speaker at dental conferences, a contributor to various online dental communities, and dental coach/consultant. Ever an entrepreneur, Dr. Campbell purchased a second dental practice, in Garland, Texas in the fall of 2019. Having gained a reputation as an expert in the complex area of dental insurance, Dr. Campbell’s new “moniker” is “The Dental Insurance Guy.” From understanding insurance to developing strategies to accelerate practice growth, Dr. Campbell delivers practical, actionable content that dentists and team members can use immediately. He dispels many of the myths and misinformation around today’s dental insurance policies and explains how to navigate the complexities of being an exceptional dentist, business owner, and leader.

For every problem dental insurance creates within an office, there is a solution.  We at the Dental Insurance Guy are here to provide those solutions.  We find ways to help maximize the dental insurance benefits your patients are paying for, while at the same time making it less problematic for you and your team!

Are you ready to significantly reduce your dental insurance frustrations?  Would you like to achieve higher reimbursements, fewer denials, and happier patients?  Check out Dental Insurance Guy, a membership community led by Dr. Travis Campbell. Membership provides you and your team with 24/7 access to up-to-date information about all aspects of today's dental insurance landscape. Get access to insurance basics, live virtual events, on-demand CE, direct guidance, resources and more. 

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