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The Top Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Published on: May 26, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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“Some dentists have really found their groove with this platform, attracting and engaging with thousands of followers.”

Instagram is becoming a popular way for dentists to connect with current patients, attract new patients and interact with colleagues. Some dentists have really found their groove with this platform, attracting and engaging with thousands of followers. Here, we’ve put together a list of our favorite dental-themed Instagram accounts that you’ll want to follow in 2020.


Dr. Brian Baliwas uses his Instagram account to focus on daily interactive content. Many posts disappear after 24 hours. He constantly shares engaging stories about his day-to-day, posts polls for his followers to participate in and highlights the results of those polls.


For Dr. Amanda Seay, Instagram is about connecting with patients. She posts before and after photos, articles featuring successful cases she’s completed and fun photos of her family for that personal touch. You’ll also find short, creative video updates from her dental-related travels and entertaining photos from her office. Followers get a feel for her personality and vast dental experience.


Dr. Scott MacLean’s followers get access to news on the latest advances in dentistry, particularly when it comes to implants. He features clips from his popular YouTube videos on his page, and also shares personal photos, case photos, and details on his upcoming courses.


This account, manned by Dr. Nate Lawson, provides followers with tons of information on the latest and greatest in dental materials. And it’s coming from a great source. He’s the Assistant Professor and Division Director of Biomaterials at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry.


Dr. Ashleigh Briody fills her feed with educational posts about pathology. Dr. Briody makes what some might call a boring topic like oral pathology fun and interesting.


Before and after photos, updates on speaking engagements and personal posts depicting fun times and friends make Dr. Paresh Shah’s account educational, promotional and relatable.


Dr. Matt Nejad posts about biomimetic dentistry, his role as a dental educator, and includes plenty of before and after photos of successful cases. He also throws in personal posts about his travels and his cat.


This dental-themed Instagram page features beautiful interior practice shots that will inspire you.


Dental technician Nakoi Hayashi posts an interesting mix of artistic dental shots and scenic photos. / @plaquechyna

Periodontist Dr. David Wong uses the first account to post about his cases and to keep followers updated on his fitness journey. He also throws in inspirational quotes to get followers thinking. He describes his second Instagram page as graphic, and we agree. Here, you can find photos depicting the not so pretty side of dentistry, including plenty of bloody teeth and gums.  


Dr. Christian Yaste focuses on implants, using Instagram to show how this treatment can change patients’ lives for the better.


Need a laugh to lighten up your day? Then check out this account filled with nothing but SpongeBob SquarePants dental memes. You won’t regret it.  


Dr. Carlos de Carvalho’s Instagram comes all the way from Brazil. He focuses on providing dental education, inspirational clinical photography, and mixes in personal photos as well.


This Instagram page lives up to its name. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon behind it posts LOTS of bloody photos, and accompanies them with some informative, and often entertaining, captions. His IG stories are filled with his iconic extraction and suturing videos.


Endodontist Dr. Ahmed B. Salman highlights endo case studies on his Instagram page, complete with videos that take a deeper dive into those cases.


Vivi Han is easily the most plagiarized account on Instagram. Her amazing artwork/cartoons, which takes her hours per post to create, are seen reposted everywhere on the internet, both with and without credit to her.


Dr. Parag Kachalia’s account is filled with images of cosmetic cases that spark discussion, before and after photos that highlight success stories, and video testimonials from happy patients. Parag also shares fun pictures of himself and his team, shots from his most recent lecutres, and details on his favorite products. Celebrity smiles round out the cosmetic-dentistry focused page.


Through her Instagram account, Dr. Pauline Le spotlights the benefits of Botox and fillers and educates dentists on how to incorporate these services into their practices. She also uses her page to inspire, frequently posting uplifting messages and personal photos from vacations or her day-to-day life.

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