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Best Dental Technology: RealGUIDE 5.0 from 3DIEMME

Published on: May 31, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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The product: The RealGUIDE system is a complete and open software platform that enables doctors and technicians to manage implants, surgical guides and prosthesis planning in a seamless workflow, all via the cloud. Users can access the software on any device, including PC, MAC and mobile iOS devices (yes, you can fully operate RealGUIDE from your cell phone), giving them the freedom to work anywhere. RealGUIDE 5.0 is the latest version of the software, and is the first to feature artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities. The software actually “knows” what a tooth is and tries to separate it from the bone in a semi-automated way.

The advantages: The RealGUIDE software, which is available through a monthly subscription-based license, is an affordable, scalable and adaptable system that can be customized to many clinical situations. The open software features a simple, logical interface and is fully compatible with any CBCT, 3D printer or CAD/CAM machine. And because the system is open, instead of relying on three to four different software packages that often have complicated interfaces and issues with exchanging data between them, users can now use a single, professional and clinically oriented solution.

The new software suite is based on 12 years of experience in digital dentistry procedures management and has been developed in cooperation with the best dentists worldwide. These dentists contribute their feedback and ideas to every software release. Doctors can talk directly to software developers and designers as well as a customer support team.

How it works: Starting from the complete virtual patient (including bone, gum thickness and ideal teeth positions), the doctor can plan implants on his iPad or iPhone, then share the project with colleagues and the patient. The open project data exported in STL format from the 3DIEMME suite makes it possible for the final project to be sent back to the laboratory for surgical guide modeling in the DESIGN module. Provisional prosthesis modeling can be completed with any CAD/CAM system. The huge implant library, which includes the prosthetic components, enables the full process to work with any implant platform.

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