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Best Dental Coaching System: Sunrise Dental Solutions

Published on: Dec 1, 2023
 By: The New Dentist
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To achieve the best results, dentists often need guidance from experienced mentors who have already overcome the challenges they’re facing. Sunrise Dental Solutions (SDS) is an exclusive community of successful dentists who provide the support clinicians need to reach their goals, even in today’s challenging and competitive environment.

Dentists who partner with SDS receive coaching support, practice assessment, group planning and in-office demonstrations. Every member of the coaching team is a practicing dentist who is committed to helping other clinicians turn good practices into great practices.

Why we like it: For optimal results, the mentors focus on combining the clinician, the businessperson and the human being to help dentists develop their practice vision and make it a reality. They analyze the entire practice and then create a custom plan that’s designed to maximize results.

Coaches travel to each client’s office to get a better feel for the practice and to provide hands-on training. The goal is long-term success, so SDS follows up with dentists once training is over and conducts monthly coaching calls as needed. SDS also works with a variety of strategic partners in areas such as human resources, financial and transition strategies to ensure dentists get the help they require to truly move their practice forward.

This top-notch support network guides dentists through the decision-making process, whether those decisions are clinical in nature, related to the business or pertain to organizational changes or fulfilling a transition strategy. SDS provides comprehensive practice optimization, and with their guidance, challenges that once seemed complicated become simple.

The dream team: SDS is made up of successful dentists who are committed to helping other dentists achieve their goals. They are:

Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis. She was selected to lead the service arm of SDS because of her experience building three scratch practices into thriving businesses. Based in Tampa, Florida, she enjoys the entrepreneurial process of practice start-up and development. She is currently expanding her practices to include an additional location.

Dr. William Nudera. He focuses on P3 (Predictable, Proficient, and Profitable) Endodontics for the Super GP. P3 optimizes in-office endodontic efficiencies for maximum clinical and economical success by establishing sound systematic and methodic protocols. Dr. Nudera has written for several international publications and contributed a chapter to the endodontics textbook 3D Imaging in Endodontics.

Dr. Gary Imm. Dr. Imm developed GuestWise™, a team training process that is designed to create a world class guest experience in 10 minutes a day. The process is fun and meaningful to the team, enabling them to focus on building relationships with patients instead of selling. Dr. Imm maintains a private practice near Baltimore that is centered on the concept of “Guestology,” or the study of how to take care of guests.

Dr. John Phillips. His Oklahoma practice is the site for one-of-a-kind training from SDS known as the Ultimate Off-Site, In-Office Learning Experience. This event shows doctors and their team members how an incredibly productive and profitable practice works by blending a culture of teamwork, leadership, and proven systems.

Dr. Matt VanderMolen. He hosts a master series of webinars designed with the success-driven dentist in mind. These truly educational events focus on timely topics and feature guest speakers who are experts in those topics. He practices in Springfield, IL, where he has a team of 30 that includes two associate doctors.

Dr. Navid Hadian. This is the SDS doctor behind Optimal Dental Transitions, which is designed to take the confusion and stress out of deciding when and how to transition your dental career. He started a family business that grew from two employees into a successful 70-employee company. He applied what that experience taught him to build a thriving group practice in Pennsylvania. He is a dental entrepreneur with a keen sense for analyzing opportunities and maximizing their potential.

Dr. Steffany Mohan. She is the coach for dentists who have or want to have multiple locations. She knows the business of multiple practice ownership inside and out. She understands how essential good communication systems are and what traits owners and team members need to be successful. She opened her first practice in 1996 and has built and sold several dental practices since. She currently owns three of the largest and most profitable practices in Iowa.

Dr. Tony Feck. Dr. Feck founded Sunrise Dental Solutions in 2005 in response to the lack of customized support provided by successful dentists. He started his first practice from scratch after graduating from dental school in 1983. He and his team not only built that practice into one of the most successful dental practices in his state, they did it through the concept of multiplication through subtraction, which means making more by working less.

Want to learn how the SDS dream team can help your practice thrive? Click here for more information.

When you partner with SDS, you and your dental team will learn the essential skills to communicate more effectively, seek greater profitability, improve ROI on marketing efforts and in turn, make your practice vision a reality. You’ll:

  • Stay ahead of the competition

  • Attract new patients

  • Increase patient retention and referrals

  • Run your practice as an efficient, successful business

  • Experience a highly motivated team supporting the growth of your practice

  • Enjoy increased profits with less work and less stress

  • Receive social media, marketing evaluation and recommendations

  • Benefit from on-site assessment and on-site training

  • Increase case acceptance

  • Create a more satisfying life

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