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A Must Read Book! The Ultimate Cheat Sheets: The Practical Guide for Dentists (U.S. and UK versions)

Published on: May 23, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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What the book covers: “The Ultimate Cheat Sheets” is a must-have quick reference guide that bridges dentistry and medicine, helping dentists stay up to date on new medications and treatment protocols for a wide range of medical conditions. Ten years in the making, this book has become the comprehensive chairside resource thousands of dentists rely on when they need to make critical clinical decisions.

Nearly every pertinent clinical issue is condensed into a color-coded and user-friendly format, allowing dentists to stay focused on the nuts and bolts of safe patient management. “The Ultimate Cheat Sheets” keeps dentists informed of the constantly-changing FDA mandate, reviews life-saving algorithms and outlines the steady stream of new drugs relevant to dental practices. A simple algorithmic page guides clinicians through evaluating and managing key medical conditions that present to the dental office. 

Sections include:

·       New ADA Guidelines for Opioid prescriptions (dentists who purchase the book gain access to a free webinar and can earn three hours of CE credit)

·       The Last Guideline You Need to Know about Premedication for Prosthetic Joints

·       What to Do about Limitation of Vasoconstrictors in the Cardiac Patient

·       New Drugs Relevant to Your Practice:  Xarelto, Eliquis, Pradaxa, Savaysa, Brilinta and Effient

·       Why Are We Concerned about MRONJ as Opposed to BRONJ? 

·       How to Correctly Use the 12 Drugs You Prescribe 95% of the Time

·       Dental Management of Medical Issues in Your Patients

There is also a UK version of “The Ultimate Cheat Sheets,” co-edited by Dr. Elaine Halley, a UK-based dentist, and Jonathon Bell, a London-based orthopaedic surgeon. They worked together to adapt Dr. Fang’s text to meet UK guidelines.

The UK version of the guide includes:

  • A list of the 50 most commonly prescribed drugs in the UK, sourced from NHS (National Health Service) prescribing patterns.

  • The top 150 drugs prescribed in medicine and the dental implications of these drugs.

  • The use of antibiotics in dentistry, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory and liver diseases and chronic kidney disease.

  • Osteonecrosis of the jaw, with specific guidance on how to manage dental patients on bisphosphonate therapy and how to assess risk.

  • Dental management of pregnant, nursing mothers and pediatric dosing.

  • A list of the 12 drugs dentists prescribe 90% of the time for both children and adults.

Where to buy: Email to arrange payment and delivery.

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