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A Must-Read Book! Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics

Published on: May 3, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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The book: “Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics” by Dr. Mauro Fradeani (Volumes 1 and 2, edited by Quintessence Publishing).

What the books cover: Volume one is an easy-to-read book that outlines a systematic approach to facial evaluation during esthetic treatment planning. Evaulating the patient’s expectations and correctly analyzing facial features and lip movements in relation to the teeth are crucial to any treatment plan. The esthetic analysis provides clinicians with the information they need to make the most appropriate choices and improve the quality of their work. Dr. Fradeani’s esthetic checklist, which is included in this amply illustrated book, is an invaluable tool that guides dentists in creating restorations perfectly integrated from both an esthetic and functional point of view.

Each chapter presents prosthetic considerations and applications that allow clinicians to formulate an optimal treatment plan based on individual clinical situations. 

Picking up where volume 1 left of, volume 2 presents the procedural phases required to achieve optimal results in the esthetic rehabilitation of patients who need fixed prostheses. Communication between the clinician and the technician is highlighted through a step-by-step presentation of all clinical and laboratory procedures.

The text includes a laboratory checklist along with hundreds of full-color clinical photographs and detailed illustrations that go along with each treatment phase and situation described.

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