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A Must-Read Book! Digital Implantology

Published on: Apr 29, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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Looking to sharpen your skills and expand your dental knowledge?TheNew.Dentist highlights must-read books that will keep you informed and on the leading edge of dentistry.

The book: Digital Implantology by Dr. Giuseppe Luongo, edited by Quintessence International

What the book covers: The book Digital Implantology was created to be used as a guide to better understand the central role digital technologies have in modern implantology and in daily dental practice.

The introduction of new 3D radiological equipment and more powerful, sophisticated software has completely changed the way clinicians diagnose, plan and treat their patients. In recent years, these new devices have become more interconnected, allowing a total integrated digital work flow to become a reality. In particular, the surgical and prosthetic procedures in implantology are, nowadays, perfectly integrated using different tools and software like CBCT, facial and intraoral scanners, and 3D printers.

Dental offices must be aware of this huge transformation and understand the benefits and limits of digital technology.

To that end, Digital Implantology covers the different ways dentists can collect data digitally and use new generation devices and software to make accurate diagnoses, elaborate on different treatment options and present therapeutic solutions in a way patients can understand. Dentists who read this book will have a better idea of how to treat total edentulous patients using a computer guided surgery procedure in both the maxilla and the mandibular. They’ll also learn about custom-made bone reconstructions and how to treat bone defects with a digital approach. Through three different case illustrations, readers will see how it’s possible to solve complex cases completely digitally, from the CBCT scan to the final production and delivery of the prosthetic.

Digital Implantology is a complete guide that covers the amazing digital world of dentistry, while still emphasizing the importance of having a firm grasp on basic techniques. 

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