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Dental Slang Podcast: Your Backstage Pass!

Published on: Sep 12, 2023
By: The New Dentist
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When Dr. Reza Ardalan took over the Dental Slang Podcast earlier this year, his goal was to give audience members access to the greatest minds in dentistry. He’s been amazed by the knowledge these dental superstars have shared, and just how open they are about their experiences.

Dr. Ardalan brings on dental experts who can cover the industry’s hottest topics, and impart information that will help listeners grow their practices. The podcast is continually evolving, with guests covering topics that range from clinical to business to work/life balance. Dentists can find podcasts focused on specialties such as ortho and endo, practice management, airway and AI, to name a few topics.

The tone of the podcast is conversational, with Dr. Ardalan, a pediatric dentist, approaching the interviews as a chat between friends. These podcasts are packed with valuable information, making them must-listens for any dentists looking to take their skills to the next level and ultimately go from good to great.

“I want to give our guests the chance to impart their knowledge to our audience,” he said. “I cue them up and ask what their take is on certain topics. They have such a wealth of information.”

Some of the Most Memorable Guests

The diverse list of guests Dr. Ardalan has had the opportunity to interview is quite long and continues to grow.

Dr. David Sarver, who is recognized as the leader in orthodontics, certainly stands out, as does the interview with Dr. Lou Berman, founder of Berman Instruments. Dr. Sarver discussed his unique approach to orthodontics and his new Mastering Orthodontics online learning system, while Dr. Berman outlined how he’s able to provide high-quality instruments at such an affordable price.

We also had the opportunity to hear from other prominent figures in the industry, including Chuck Cohen, the Managing Director of Benco Dental. He shared insights on how the dental industry has evolved in response to the pandemic and offered his perspective on what it means to establish meaningful partnerships with dental offices.

Dr. Ardalan also had an interesting conversation with Dr. William Nudera about how his passion for photography and music helped shape how he practices, and also got the lowdown on his new website, NuEndo Online. Dr. Amanda Seay discussed how she manages the workload of a busy practice with the hectic schedule of a full time mom in what Dr. Ardalan describes as a can’t miss episode.

One particularly remarkable episode features an interview with Dr. Emma Zennie, where she passionately discusses her mission to introduce clinical dentistry to her homeland of Haiti. Her emotional journey is beautifully portrayed in this interview.

“With the Dental Slang podcast, you’re getting access to some of the greatest people in our profession for free,” Dr. Ardalan said. “And they’re all open to sharing their knowledge in a relaxed conversation that listeners can learn so much from. It’s a short podcast but it’s packed with a lot of great information coming directly from the source.”

What Makes A Good Podcast

Dr. Ardalan spends a lot of time listening to podcasts himself, and prefers options that are entertaining yet provide valuable information. He typically listens to a podcast during his half hour commute to his practice, Ardalan Pediatric Dentistry in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and wants to feel like it’s time well spent. The point is to learn something new and ultimately become a better human.

“I enjoy podcasts that will improve my skills in areas that I am lacking and especially those that have amazing guests on,” he said. “I have dozens of podcasts queued up on my phone so it really depends on my mood. I listen to a lot of dental podcasts but also listen to podcasts that teach you how to be a high performer, such as Tim Ferris’s podcast and Ed Mylett’s podcast.”

The new Dental Slang episodes Dr. Ardalan has recorded will be available soon, and they all hit that mark, providing great value to dental professionals. Older episodes hosted by Dr. Christopher Phelps are available in the archives. Dr. Ardalan is looking forward to scheduling more industry leaders to talk about hot topics, and would love to hear from listeners about what they’d like to see covered in future episodes.

He’s thankful for both the experts who agree to share their knowledge and the dentists who are hungry for it, and is proud to be part of something that’s truly helping the dental community.

 “It’s one more thing to help make our profession better,” he said, “and to help dentists out there become better at their craft.”

Tune into the latest episodes!

Dr. David Sarver, an experienced orthodontist with over 40 years of clinical expertise, shares insights into his recent endeavors, including his latest book and on-demand lectures, while emphasizing how you should always look at the "bigger picture."

Dr. Andrea Shepperson: Are you seeing tooth wear in your practice and not sure what to do with it? Are restorations failing and you're not sure why? Dr. Andrea Shepperson, author of Managing Tooth Wear - A Comprehensive Guide for General Dentists, tells us about her systematic approach to diagnosis.

Dr. Chris Phelps talks about the power of persuasion, effective strategies for tracking marketing performance, and the psychology of patient acceptance. Hear how persuasion principles play a pivotal role in gaining patient buy-in for treatments.

Chuck Cohen, Managing Director of Benco Dental, tells us why he thinks independent dental practices outperformed DSOs during the pandemic, shares his thoughts on 3D printing strategies, and explains how Benco facilitates the entry of innovative products into the market.


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