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Dental Slang Podcast: Your Backstage Pass!

Published on: Sep 12, 2023
By: The New Dentist
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When Dr. Reza Ardalan took over the Dental Slang Podcast, his goal was to give audience members access to the greatest minds in dentistry. He’s been amazed by the knowledge these dental superstars have shared, and just how open they are about their experiences.

Dr. Ardalan brings on dental experts who can cover the industry’s hottest topics, and impart information that will help listeners grow their practices. The podcast is continually evolving, with guests covering topics that range from clinical to business and more.

“I want to give our guests the chance to impart their knowledge to the dental community. I cue them up and ask what their take is on certain topics, and they deliver. Every guest has such a wealth of information.” - Dr. Reza Ardalan

Exploring Guided Surgery & More with Dr. Nick Fahey

Dr. Fahey, a renowned prosthodontist and implant expert, shares insights into his journey in dentistry, particularly his expertise in digital dentistry and guided implant surgery. He discusses the evolution of guided surgery, its significance in ensuring precision and safety, and its potential to broaden opportunities for general practitioners entering the field of implant dentistry.

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Navigating Diagnocat's AI Solutions: A Conversation with Dr. Alex Sanders

Dr. Sanders, founder and CEO of Diagnocat, shares insights on artificial intelligence in dentistry. As a prosthodontist, he discusses the potential of Diagnocat, an AI solution for dental 2D and 3D images, comparing it to other products and highlighting its versatility. Dr. Sanders explains how Diagnocat aids clinicians in patient consultations, treatment planning, and streamlining processes, emphasizing its benefits for restorative dentists. He touches on communicating AI to patients and envisions the future of AI in dentistry. The interview provides a comprehensive overview, making it a must-listen for dental professionals considering AI adoption.

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Redefining Endodontics with Dr. William Nudera

Dr. Nudera delves into the groundbreaking concepts behind his new book, “NuEndo ReThinking Endodontics,” and the innovative online educational platform, NuEndo Online.  Discover how his book is more than just a textbook; it revolutionizes the understanding of endodontics by offering systematic algorithms guiding practitioners from patient introduction to treatment decisions. Emphasizing scenario-driven case selection, and simplifying the complex process, making it accessible even to those with a basic dental education.

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The Dental Lens, Capturing Perfection with Dr. Amanda Seay

Explore a wide range of topics, from restorative dentistry to photography, and glean valuable insights into managing the demands of a dental career alongside ongoing education and family commitments. Dr. Amanda Seay shares her expertise and introduces her innovative online education platform in photography and cosmetic dentistry, This episode is a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration, offering a unique opportunity to enhance your dental journey.

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From Restorative Dentistry to Orthodontics with Dr. Courtney Lavigne

Dr. Lavigne weaves a decade of restorative dentistry into the intricate world of orthodontics. With a keen eye for facial aesthetics and a mastery of three-dimensional tooth alignment, Dr. Lavigne's story is nothing short of captivating. She reveals the pivotal role of early orthodontic evaluations and delves into the impact of 3D printing and AI in reshaping the future of orthodontics. Dr. Lavigne also unveils the hidden gems of AACD accreditation. And as the crescendo of her journey, Dr. Lavigne imparts invaluable wisdom on mentorship and the transformative power of learning from seasoned colleagues, setting the stage for your own dental career to soar. 

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Mastering Orthodontics with Dr. David Sarver

Discover the "bigger picture" of orthodontics with Dr. David Sarver. Join us as Dr. Sarver introduces "Mastering Orthodontics," an innovative online platform delivering case-based education. Dive into the world of morphology videos, offering a unique perspective on long-term treatment outcomes. Explore the impact of clear aligners on orthodontics and uncover Dr. Sarver's secrets to maintaining a dedicated clinical team. With over 40 years of clinical knowledge, don't miss his insights on dentofacial esthetics and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Managing Tooth Wear with Dr. Andrea Shepperson

All the way from New Zealand, Dr. Shepperson stresses the importance of comprehensive education on tooth wear, which goes beyond what is typically taught in dental school. Dentists, both new and experienced, can benefit from understanding the multifaceted aspects of tooth wear, including etiology, risk assessment, and management strategies.

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