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Low-Tech, High-Skill Treatment in a Digital World

Published on: Nov 6, 2022
By: The New Dentist
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With the addition of technology comes expense. New technology may look wonderful and is great for the advancement of our profession, but it isn’t always practical for patients’ budgets. We have to consider other treatment avenues that still deliver the same desired results. Join Dr. Sarver as he walks you through alternative orthodontic treatment options.

Mastering Orthodontics, Dr. David Sarver's online learning community, is now live. The educational website offers case studies and lectures, sharing the lessons Dr. Sarver has learned throughout his 40 years of clinical practice. His lectures are structured around his orthodontic cases, intended to give you solid didactic material, explained through real situations that will help you learn how to identify challenges and set goals. See the bigger picture!

After dental school at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Dr. David Saver was accepted into the orthodontic residency program at the University of North Carolina, where he received exposure to modern surgical-orthodontic treatment that he couldn’t have had anywhere else at that time. Afterward, he accepted a faculty position in the dental school at University of Alabama-Birmingham and began helping establish their formal orthognathic surgery program. This is where he learned the importance of focusing on the full face.

His appreciation for soft tissue evaluation grew as he began incorporating facial plastic surgeons into the macro-esthetic planning sessions at both the school and his private practice, he also started receiving invitations to speak to multidisciplinary esthetic groups and found himself in the audience listening to presentations from non-orthodontists. He learned two valuable lessons. First, what dentists are doing in esthetics and how they think— and second, the wide degree of understanding and misunderstanding that dentists have about orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. As a result, it has become one of his missions to educate dentists about contemporary orthodontic thinking.

Mastering Orthodontics

The smile is important, but the patient’s overall facial appearance should ALWAYS be considered before treatment. Mastering Orthodontics, led by Dr. David Sarver, gives you the guidance and direction needed to evaluate and incorporate better esthetic treatment for your patients.

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