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Dr. Amanda Seay Launches

Published on: Nov 14, 2023
 By: The New Dentist
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Dr. Seay's New Membership-Based Program, Seay Within, is Now Live

A new chapter in Dr. Seay's educational journey is about to unfold with her new membership-based online education program, focusing on photography and cosmetic dentistry. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between comprehensive courses and real-world clinical application. Dr. Seay recognizes that education doesn't end with hands-on training but continues with ongoing support and guidance. Her program offers on-demand courses, giving dental professionals a deeper understanding of how to integrate their newfound knowledge into everyday practice.

The comprehensive website boasts both photography and composite course series:

Photography Courses: From essential equipment and camera basics to seamless implementation and effective lab communication, discover how stunning dental practice photos can redefine your professional journey while clarifying the world of color spaces. View Courses >

Composite Courses: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, this series offers a diverse range of courses that will empower you to excel in the world of dental aesthetics. View Courses >

Dr. Reza Ardalan, the host of the Dental Slang Podcast, had the opportunity to engage in an insightful conversation with the esteemed Dr. Amanda Seay to learn more about her current endeavors including the launch of her new website, her perspectives on continuing education, finding balance in life, and her advice for aspiring dentists.

To listen to the full podcast on Dental Slang, click here.

Podcast Recap:

Educational Evolution: Seattle Study Club and the Kois Center

Dr. Seay plays pivotal roles at two distinguished institutions: the Seattle Study Club and the Kois Center. These educational hubs cater to diverse audiences, showcasing Dr. Seay's versatility and her commitment to furthering dentistry's horizons. The Seattle Study Club is akin to a "university without walls," bringing together clinicians from various dental schools of thought. It fosters a collaborative environment where specialists, general dentists, and dental professionals come together to discuss treatment planning, interdisciplinary care, and patient-focused solutions. Dr. Seay underlines the importance of this cooperative approach in enhancing patient care and fostering personal growth.

The Kois Center, on the other hand, is Dr. Seay's educational sanctuary. It's where she hones her skills, delving into the intricacies of the Kois philosophy. Her affiliation with the Kois Center reflects her dedication to staying current with dental science and technology. The center has been instrumental in shaping her clinical approach and philosophies, leading her to become an instructor and a cherished part of the Kois community.


Balancing Dentistry and Motherhood

As a mother of four, Dr. Seay understands the challenges that many women in dentistry face when balancing the demands of their careers with their commitments to family. She emphasizes the importance of having a supportive spouse and highlights the significance of having a plan in place. Dr. Seay advises women to be organized and intentional, setting short-term and long-term goals. She encourages them to grant themselves grace and to prioritize their families. Her personal journey is a testament to the fact that achieving balance is a dynamic process and that women should cherish each moment as it comes.


The Power of Social Media

Dr. Seay's social media presence has garnered significant attention, especially on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She admits that she wasn't initially social media-savvy but recognized the power of sharing her personal side alongside her professional accomplishments. She began to infuse her accounts with glimpses of her life as a mother, finding resonance with her audience. Dr. Seay's experience shows that authenticity and vulnerability can resonate with people, fostering connections and a sense of community.


A Message to Aspiring Dentists

To wrap up this insightful conversation, Dr. Seay offers a valuable piece of advice to young dentists starting their careers. She advocates not only for clinical excellence but also for a profound understanding of the business side of dentistry. Dr. Seay wishes she had sought mentors or consultants early on to guide her in making her practice successful. She believes that this dual approach, marrying clinical expertise with business acumen, is the key to a fulfilling and prosperous dental career.


Learn More about

Seay Within contains on-demand courses, community and networking opportunites, tip and technique videos and more. Join today to gain access to her new photography and composite course series.

SEE by Dr. Amanda Seay

Learn new ways to get the right shot. This book is an invaluable tool for practitioners and includes simple and effective tips that you can implement immediately. Increase your diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities and improve your case presentation and acceptance.

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