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Continuing Education: Urban Regeneration Institute, Budapest

Published on: Jun 8, 2022
 By: The New Dentist
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Professor Istvan Urban, the clinician behind the Urban Regeneration Institute in Budapest, is an innovator in the field of periodontology, specializing in bone regeneration and soft tissue reconstructive surgery around dental implants. His book, Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation, was published in 2017 and has already been translated into 11 different languages.

This 3-day training makes his book come alive in a way that both experienced practitioners and doctors only making acquaintance with vertical and horizontal bone augmentation can greatly benefit from. Through the course, he teaches new perspectives in vertical and horizontal bone augmentation in implant dentistry. Dr. Urban generously shares all the knowledge he’s gathered in the past 20 years, and he educates with such enthusiasm that all participants can instantly import his technique into their own practice when they return home.

Dr. Urban developed the Sausage Technique™, which is a minimally invasive, long-term predictable way of bone regeneration. This particular course focuses on horizontal bone augmentation as well as vertical bone augmentation, soft tissue surgeries following bone grafts and how to preserve the regenerated hard and soft tissue for 10 to 20 years.

The institute also offers a variety of other courses, and clinicians from around the world attend them. The recently opened training facility was designed to provide the perfect venue, enabling participants to comfortably learn Dr. Urban’s techniques through lectures, hands-on workshops and live surgical cases. HD live streaming on two screens allows attendees to observe the live surgeries Professor Urban performs.

More and more doctors are interested in taking Dr. Urban’s courses, which means there’s a waiting list. If you’re interested in attending a course, don’t wait to register. Currently, clinicians have to apply about a year and a half in advance to get in—but it is well worth the wait. Professor Urban’s courses dramatically change doctors’ clinical views for the better.

For further details, please contact Judit Urban at, Levi Bernath at or visit

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