A closer look at the Top DSOs: Your DSO fact sheet.

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Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) represent the fastest growing segment in dentistry, making them an important part of the industry—and we think you should know who the leading players are. Heartland dentists have plenty of opportunities to give back, whether it’s through mission trips or programs such as Free Dentistry Days™ and My Free Smile™.

Is Lack of Technology Killing Your New Patient Numbers?

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Lost opportunities are hurting your new patient numbers, but implementing the right technologies can help you get more of these patients on the chair. If your marketing dollars aren’t producing the kind of new patient numbers you’d like to see, there’s a good chance your problem is technology, or rather a lack of the right technology. Does that sound unlikely? Your office has top of the line equipment and procedures.

Want to Grow Your Practice with Social Media? Start with Your Why

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Many dentists focus on how many followers they have, but that’s not the key to success with social media. Stop worrying about the numbers and start focusing on more meaningful interactions with your audience. Throughout our lives, we are conditioned to believe numbers and rankings are the only significant indicators of success. In school, we focused on getting good grades and carefully monitored our GPAs every semester. At the gym, we count our reps and time our cardiovascular activities.

How a “Sink or Swim” Mentality Changed the Direction of My Career

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I attended dental school in the early 90’s, a time when there was a wave of growth and change within dentistry. Of course, I had no real awareness of it at the time. I was focused on graduating. I was busy drinking from the fire hose of general dentistry, which, at that time, was still teaching us to place amalgams. Placing implants was considered “out there” in the uncertain world of “experimental treatments,” which, to a fledgling dentist, is nowhere to be hanging out. Still, I was intrigued. I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if they actually worked.

Ghosted? No-Show Proof Your Office with 5 Easy Changes

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No-shows lead to chaos and hurt your bottom line. You can significantly reduce them with these tips. No-shows are not simply an unavoidable force of nature. They’re the result of individuals making specific choices that leave you in a lurch. The good news is there are ways to influence your patients to make better choices. You can use the science of ethical persuasion to reduce the number of no-shows, increase your productivity, decrease your stress levels and make your practice a more enjoyable place to work.

How I Grew My Instagram To More Than 18,000 Followers And Changed The Direction Of My Practice

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Reality stars and an employee well-versed in social media helped this doctor get over her fears and grow her practice with social media. As in many industries, the rise of social media has caught dentists a bit unaware and changed the way we interact with our patients. In retrospect, my career can now be split down the middle, divided neatly into my pre-social media and post-social media days. Previously, I had no control over the patients I saw, the treatments I spent my time performing and the direction my career was going. At the mercy of what came through the door, I simply had to take what was on offer and hope for further opportunities for progression to arise. I had to wait my turn for the scraps from the table.

How Kinra’s Dental Value Brands Brings Real Value To Dentists

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Monthly reviews from a team of experienced dentists can help you make better product purchasing decisions. It can be a struggle to stay on the leading edge, or to even know which products to invest in for your practice. With monthly reviews from experienced clinicians, Dental Value Brands gives you the guidance you need to make the best purchasing decisions possible—helping to separate you from the competition while keeping you up-to-date on products and services that can bring true value to your office.

What the Science of Influence and Persuasion Says about Google Reviews

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Most practices have a love-hate relationship with Google reviews. We love them because they bring us a steady stream of new patients, and we hate them because it’s next to impossible to get our team to remember to ask patients to submit reviews. Once our best patients leave, their mindset shifts to the million other things they need to do, and reviews never get written.